Hospitality & Resorts

South Florida is a premier worldwide tourist attraction. Every year thousands of tourists travel to South Florida to enjoy our warm weather, beaches, and attractions. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that South Florida’s hospitality industry and resorts are prospering.

Yet every day, in South Florida, there is some unfortunate incident occurring in South Florida’s hotels, resorts, and events. The nature of these claims are varied and include commercial and personal injury claims. These claims can run the gambit from an injury to a guest, liability from the sale of alcohol to a guest, a perpetrated fraud, contractual dispute, or even a criminal assault. These claims may also include some form of construction related dispute between the resort and contractor, or breach of contract relating to scheduled events such as weddings or conventions.

Our law firm has represented individuals and business alike over the years in a variety of legal disputes involving hotels, resorts, and events. From the world renown South Beach hotel involved in a variety of contractual disputes with Fortune 500 companies, to the high profile dispute pertaining to a well-known bar selling alcohol to minors, to the individual who was robbed at gun point, our law firm is prepared to handle your legal needs regarding hospitality and resort claims on behalf of the hotels and businesses alike.